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Specimen Zero apk

Do you want to play a game full of horror locations and dangers to test your nerves? Then download Specimen Zero apk and enjoy its terrifying stories.

The game Is for the people who have always loved watching horror movies. In the game, the player has to escape from the dark buildings and monsters. With many exciting challenges, the game has positive feedbacks from the players. So are you brave enough to take up the challenge?

What is Specimen Zero Apk?

Specimen Zero Mod is a horror multiplayer game for Android and iOS users. The story begins when the character wakes up in an unknown location in a dark building after being kidnapped. Out of danger, the character must find a way to escape or face death because there are monsters.

Specimen Zero Mod

While searching for a way to escape, the player must stay calm or he will be in danger. By solving puzzles, the player gets a few items. Using these items correctly can protect the player from these deadly monsters.

Besides solving puzzles, what other items are there in the gameplay?

There are many monsters in the room and the player has to go through these rooms. What the player does, the monster can see and hear. In the Specimen Zero mod, there are separate puzzles for each room. The player must stay calm and do their best to complete the challenge and solve the puzzle correctly.

Batteries, medicines and other items are provided to the players. Apart from the puzzles and uncovering secrets, players are given a lot of other items that are useful in completing the challenges. But remember to be as quiet as possible when collecting these items, otherwise they will be tracked and very sensitive to light and noise.


Why do players need a modified version of the game?

The survival challenges may initially excite players. But it is not an easy task as players cannot see doors and hidden enemies due to darkness. Prepare for combat first and then begin your journey to survival.

Specimen Zero Mod Menu will give the player a better and easier version of the game. This mod menu will unlock all the essential items that are incredibly important for survival in this deadly place. Players will be able to customise the following items with ease.

Professional weapons.

Moves and fun.

With these items, there is a high chance that the player will survive in a dark place. The Specimen Zero mod will help the player to kill the deadly monsters.

If you are the one struggling with survival in this horror game, then try this mod menu, it will make survival much easier than you think. It will increase the level and kill the enemies with minimum effort.

What is Specimen Zero Mod?

The Specimen Zero mod version has excellent graphics, enemies, buildings and sounds that match the original game. It is advisable to use the tricks wisely until the player finds the exit door. With this mod, the player can win every level without putting pressure on himself. The menus of the main mode are as follows.

Out of the dozens of functions in these menus, we highlight the most important ones. This is because it is almost impossible to describe each function in detail in a single post.

Player Menu

In the player mode menu, the god mode, the false hideout, the door code bypass, the torch and other functions can be accessed.

Weapons menu

In this menu, players can kill the deadly monsters with unlimited ammunition, fire rate, bullets, one-hit kill, etc.

Menu “Movements

Players can change their movements with telekill, masskill, etc. as they wish. The Specimen Zero mod makes every move special.

Fun menu

As the name suggests, the Fun menu allows the player to adjust the size of the opponent and the player. The gun sound of the game can also be adjusted.

Passive menu

Every item in the game is already unlocked in this section to enhance the gameplay.

Social menu

More information about the mod is available in this menu.

Other functions of Specimen Zero apk

  • Graphics and other items in this mode are the same as in the original game.
  • Play with headphones and listen to the horror sounds.
  • No ads and bugs.
  • If you want to discover all these features and more, then download and install the tool from the given link in our post. It is a very interesting game in the arcade category that is very similar to Friday Night Funkin. You can play it well on your smartphones and enjoy the dark user interface.

Specimen Zero apk Final Words:

Survival Game, players need weapons, skills and other items to reach the exit door. Many players lose interest because these resources are scarce in the game. For this reason, we have developed the Specimen Zero mod, which can help players get everything they need to survive.



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How to install Specimen Zero Apk Download for Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Specimen Zero Apk Download for Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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